CUBE Mini Camera
CUBE Mini Camera
CUBE Mini Camera

CUBE Mini Camera

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Cube Mini on your Fingers
Portable coin-size camera to dance on your fingers!
Small magic box to carry the world!
Quality-design lens to capture best memory!

Small & Portable
Whether it’s a camping trip, graduation party or wedding, the Cube Mini camera makes sure you never miss out on the best moments. 

Quality Guaranteed and Multi-function
The Cube Mini camera has multiple functions designed to guarantee quality photos that capture your most treasured moments. Such features include looping video and motion detection.

Steady Magnet
The Cube Mini camera incorporates the latest technology using a steady magnet feature, this works as a stable hand when taking photos and helps stabilize the lenses as you capture photos. 

1080 HD Guaranteed
The camera lens in this camera is great and quality guaranteed. The camera has different shooting modes of 720 and 1080HD quality.

Built-in magnet
A built-in magnet allows the camera to be attached on metal surfaces and this combined with its size makes it ideal to attach to a bike, car or skateboard on the road.

Superior Mini Camera
This is because the Cube Mini camera is much smaller than all its competitors. This offers it a huge advantage over any other mini camera in the market.

Technology Parameters

FUNCTIONs: 720P & 1080P HD (2 million pixels), Looping Video, Taking Photograph, Motion Detection

SIZE: 2.5*2.5*2.3cm,

STORAGE:MICRO SD Card(Automatic pop up)



PACKAGE:1 MINI Cube Camera, 1 Data Line, 1 Magnet Knot, 3 Magnetic Disks, 1 Card Reader, 1 Instruction Booklet